A new prediction method for the Brexit referendum

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Understand the logic behind this novel prediction method - read it on the Oxford politics blog.

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About the project

This survey is part of a project of experimental electoral forecasting done by Oraclum Intelligence Systems Ltd and its associates. Given the experimental nature of the survey there are no immediate financial interests that Oraclum I.S. Ltd. stands to gain from it. The survey is financed by Oraclum I.S. and, at its current stage, is not profit-oriented. For more details about us see here. Follow us on our blog, our website, our Twitter, and our Facebook.

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This project is made by a group of scientists from Oraclum - Mile Šikić, Dejan Vinković and Vuk Vuković, and their associates. Web development of the application was done by Mladen Marinović, Matija Piškorec and Krešimir Križanović.